To educate, connect, and inspire heart-centered, purpose driven, highly creative achievers and performers to connect to their present self and divine source of creation, and turn their light up in the world.


To create an open space for highly creative achievers to feel seen, heard, and loved for who they are today, so the world can receive their artistic expression in raising the vibration and consciousness of the planet.


To stand for the beauty
within and turn self-abuse into self appreciation, comparison into originality, isolation into connectedness and community and uncertainty into divine trust and soul alignment.

Message from Peroettes Founder, Gina Pero

You Are Here To Turn Your Light Up In The World. You Are Here To Shine. You Are Here With A Soul Purpose. You Are Ready To Let Go And Allow The Universe To Move Through You. You Are Here To Remember Who You Are. You Are Here To Do What Your Soul Is Called To Do. You Are Here To Have What You Truly Desire. You Are Here Right Now In This Moment To Receive …

Receive Who You Are. Receive The Actions Your Soul Is To Take. Receive The Abundance You Get To Have From Turning Your Light Up, By Raising Your Own Light Inside Yourself, By Choosing What Aligns With Your Soul, By Being YOU!

Gina Pero is one of the select few artists and educators that understand how the arts connect us to our humanity to make us decent human beings. She uses a passionate dance philosophy to inspire emerging artists to find their unique identity as performing artists and educators.

Tom Ralabate, Past Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance, University at Buffalo

“This program is great for any teenager who wants to self grow and be the best version of themselves.”

Emily Madden, Mather Dance Company, Performance Peroette