To inspire and educate dance parents to follow their intuition and build their own strength and courage to best lead their child in dance.


To create a safe and open space for dance parents to feel seen, heard, and loved for who they are today so they can easily see, hear and love their child in dance.


To create simple, effective, and efficient proven processes for dance parents to receive the necessary steps, strategies, and resources to create and lead their life with purpose so their child in dance has an example to follow.

Are you a dance parent who desires to know exactly how to support your child in dance?

Are you someone who feels soulfully connected to dance?

Are you someone who desires to learn more, grow more, and be more?

Are you someone who wants to be of service and contribute your gifts and light to the world?

Are you someone who demonstrates kindness and heart centered action?

Are you someone who wants to know how to be in the best shape of our life mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally?

Are you someone who is ready to turn up the light within themselves?

If you answered YES to each of these questions, then this self-educational program is exactly for you!

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Message from Peroettes Founder, Gina Pero

There is a purpose to showing up consistently and having an empowered community of like minded an hearted people around you. There is a strength when you feel you belong and you feel seen heard and loved for who you are. There is a natural awakening inside of you when those you are with know how to inspire and motivate you to go after your dreams and take care of yourself at the same time. There is a calmness when you know exactly how to make choices that align with your highest and best self.

The Peroettes Community and season provides an added light and love to your productive style. Everyone in the community is a high achiever, highly creative, and has a packed schedule. Everyone wants to succeed. Everyone is here to learn and grow. Everyone here wants to make a difference in the world. Are you ready to join us NOW!

In turning the light up within ourselves, we create a brighter present and future.